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We get it – people don’t like change if it will disrupt the way they do their work. Information Technology teams prefer JIRA, human resource professionals like Workday, and those in sales use Creative types like Adobe while marketing people gravitate toward Workfront. Different teams in different groups within companies use different tools for tasks that include them all. We can help make the exchange of information from one system to another in a quick and seamless manner so that work flows smoothly across the entire organization.

We integrate with the end result in mind, thinking about why information may be needed to move from one place to another. If there is no benefit of moving the information to support a business process, we won’t do it. Basically, we want to make sure the right information is getting to the right person at the right time.

We can integrate using established cloud technologies, or we can fully customize code to be specialized and focused on a specific problem to be solved − with no dependency on a service vendor that may not be around for the long haul.

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